Tusker is an iOS app for Mastodon.

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Screenshots of the Tusker timeline, profile view, and compose screen


Tusker is completely free to use!


Screenshot of the Tusker notifications tab, showing several favorite notifications for the same post grouped into a single row

Notification Grouping

Combine favorite, boost, and follow notifications into a single row to get a more glance-able view of your notifications.

Readable Conversations

Replies are organized into distinct subthreads, to make the flow of big conversations clearer and easier to follow.

The conversation screen, showing visual indicators of the subthread of replies. The Customize Timelines screen, showing the Home and Local timelines are pinned, along with the Writers list, and #waterfallwednesday

Customize Timelines

Change which timelines are pinned to your home tab, for quick access to lists, hashtags, and public instance timelines.

Multiple Accounts

Stay signed-in to multiple accounts and long-press on the My Profile button to quickly switch between them.

The fast account switcher, showing three logged in accounts and an add button A filter titled Retweet that hides posts containing RT @


Add and edit Mastodon filters to hide or warn about posts that you're not interested in.

Digital Wellness

Manage your relationship with social media. Use these preferences to reduce the temptation to scroll endlessly, or to hide information that you're not interested in.

Tusker's digital wellness preferences: Favorite and reblog counts in conversations, default notifications mode, grayscale images, disable infinite scrolling, and hide discover section 3 Tusker windows running on an iPad with Stage Manager

Multi-Window Support

Tusker lets you open multiple windows for different items or different accounts altogether, taking full advantage of Stage Manager on iPadOS 16.

Timeline Sync

Keep your timeline position in sync across all your devices using iCloud. Or sync via Mastodon, to share your position across different apps.


Full support for VoiceOver, Voice Control, Dynamic Type, Bold Text, Reduce Motion, and more.

Appearance Personalization

Change the accent color, avatar style, whether action buttons are shown, which content warnings are expanded automatically, if attachments are blurred, and even more.

Mastodon Features

Edit your posts, view trending posts, hashtags, and links; follow hashtags; manage lists; and more.

Browse Instance Timelines

View the public timelines of other instances (where permitted) without signing in to an account.

Software Compatibility

In addition to vanilla Mastodon, Tusker has builtin support for the Glitch and Hometown variants, as well as PixelFed and Pleroma/Akkoma.


Tusker locally stores Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for the purposes of the app's primary functionality. Tusker may transmit PII off-device to the instance(s) of any compatible third-party service to which the user has explicitly signed-in.

Tusker uses a 3rd party service to automatically report crashes and errors that occur in the app. No data is retained for more than 30 days, and Tusker endeavors to redact any PII. Any data collected is used solely for the purpose of improving the app, and is not shared with anyone beyond the developer or the 3rd party error reporting service. Automatic data collection may be disabled within the app (Preferences → Advanced → Report Errors Automatically).